Interesting webinar. Well presented. Thank you!

Yemi Adeeko

Thank you for some amazing insight. We all think we know best, but this has opened up a new way of thinking. Thank you!

Georgina Slape

Very enjoyable talk. Very good and well presented for non-vets. Philip from Belgium.

Philip Martens

Interesting talk, good tips

Sian Llewellyn

Really interesting & educational - thank you!

Ellen Harvey

Just enjoyed my first webinar session and got some very helpful and interesting information. Easy to understand but informative. Thanks!

Molly Letch

Great webinar, still listening, very informative and should come in handy for work related matters. Thanks

Jo Scott

Helens advice is so easy to understand and makes perfect sense in ensuring a well balanced, happy puppy and owner.

Alison Newman

Just listening to the webinar on puppy behaviour- finding it very insightful and easy to understand - potentially making it easier to pass onto the clients where i work in a veterinary practice. Very happy with my first ever webinar! Thanks guys.

Hannah Smallwood

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