Virtual Pet Congress Winners

Virtual Pet Congress 2015 Prize Winner

Karen & Diego from the Netherlands were the lucky winners of our Greenfeeder prize from the Pet Congress in January! The greenfeeder is a simple yet effective way to make food time for your dog more fun with them searching for their food.

The day was a huge success with 1500 people having enjoyed the live webinars and recordings.

If you missed the day but would to catch up, click here to view the recordings!

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Small Mammal Emergency First Aid

Emergency First Aid for Small Furry Pets - Virtual Pet Congress 2015

For the first time we are bringing you a first aid training session just focused on the smaller pets, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small mammals that make great pets. First aid is all about preventing an injury getting worse until you can get them the appropiate help they need from a vet. And this is what Richard Saunders will discuss during this live online presentation with practical simple tips to help you keep your pet.

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E. cuniculi in rabbits

The truth about E. cuniculi - Virtual Pet Congress 2015

One of the biggest problems in rabbits today is that of a tiny parasite called Encephalitozoon cuniculi which can strike a rabbit at any time and can be fatal. This parasite is also commonly found in rabbits that are not suffering from the disease, and can take hold causing disease when the rabbits immune system is low. The parasite travels in the blood and affects the brain along with the liver and kidney.

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Dogs Immune system broken

Why does the immune system go wrong? - Virtual Pet Congress 2015

The immune system is very important to animals as well as us humans, however sometimes it can go wrong. When this happens it can be a disaster as it’s target often changes from foreign invaders to attack the body it is supposed to be protecting. This can be in many ways and forms from destroying the Red Blood Cells through to the essential platelets needed to stop bleeding.

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preventing problem behaviours in dogs

Preventing Behaviour Problems in Dogs - Virtual Pet Congress 2015

Join us with veterinary behaviourist to learn how to prevent many of the common behaviour problems that ruin the human – dog relationship. Training and behaviour is an area where there are many options so having professional veterinary backed information will give you the knowledge for a fun, loving relationship with your dog!

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Common problems with dogs eyes

Common Problems with dogs eyes - Virtual Pet Congress 2015

Dogs can and do often suffer from a variety of eye problems, and just like in humans there are specialist veterinary ophthalmologists there to treat them. We have one of the UK’s top pet eye doctors joining us to present this session looking at the common problems with dog eyes and the types of treatment.

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GDV and Twisted stomachs in dogs

Swollen bellies in dogs, what is GDV? - Virtual Pet Congress 2015

Some large breed dogs have a risk of a life threatening condition that vets call GDV, in normal english it is often called a twisted stomach or bloat. The stomach inside the dog moves which blocks movement in and out causing it to swell, and if untreated rupture.

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Parasites in reptiles

Parasites in Reptiles - Virtual Pet Congress 2015

Join reptile vet Sean McCormack to learn about all the common parasites that may affect your pet reptile whether it is a snake, lizard or tortoise/turtle. Parasitic infections are common in captive-bred reptiles, and are one of the main reasons for isolating any new reptile you are bringing into your collection.

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Common problems in reptile eyes

Eye problems in reptiles - Virtual Pet Congress 2015

Reptiles tend to be really special when it comes to finding good quality information, and something we could not find was good information on reptile eyes. Because of this we have invited world expert veterinary ophthalmologist David Williams to give us a special webinar just on eyes in reptiles.

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Do all itchy cats scratch?

Recognising a cat with itchy skin - Virtual Pet Congress 2015

Being itchy is never fun, yet sometimes people don’t even know their cat is itchy. Anthony is a veterinary dermatologist (cats have them too!) and will be discussing the various causes of itchyness along with how to spot a itchy cat and off course the types of treatment available.

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Problems with cat teeth

How to keep your cats mouth healthy - Virtual Pet Congress 2015

Dental disease is one of the most common problems in cats as until recently very little attention has been paid to prevention. Our expert veterinary dentist Evelyn Barbour-Hill will take this opportunity to explain some of the common problems that he sees almost daily with cats teeth.

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