Five signs of illness in pets which we shouldn’t ignore, Part 5

Unexplained weight loss in pets

Today is the last sign of illness in pets that every owner should be aware off. We hope that this week has been useful to you, and if you have not seen them yet check out the earlier signs of illness in pets blogs covering our pets appetite, pets thirst, pets eating habits, pets activity level. We will finish this mini series talking about...

Unexplained weight loss

Losing weight without an obvious cause can be an early but very non-specific sign of a wide range of potential problems and diseases, and should never be ignored. If the weight loss is only slight, your vet may recommend initially monitoring the situation with regular weight checks, but if the weight loss continues or is more severe, or associated with other signs and symptoms of concern, then it is likely that further investigations (probably initially blood and / or urine testing, followed up by further tests as appropriate) will be recommended.

Possible causes can be as simple as an inappropriate diet, but unexplained weight loss can be associated with almost any underlying disease condition, including organ and digestive dysfunction, infections, hormonal disturbances, and cancers. Early identification of the underlying problem will as always improve the pet's chances of a positive outcome, whatever the underlying cause, so if you suspect your pet is losing weight, and you haven't got them intentionally on a weight-control regime, then it's time for a check-up!