National Pet Month 2015

National Pet Month 2015

Our free National Pet Month 2015 webinar series has done extremely well, April is nearly over however we've still got some free webinars for you to enjoy!

Rabbit expert Molly Varga will be joining us tonight to talk about Rabbit Bonding, and then next Monday Christopher Byers will be joining us to talk about Chronic Coughing in Dogs.

We hope that you will join us for these live webinars - you can view all our National Pet Month webinars below!

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Rabbit bonding

Rabbit bonding, why, when and how

Rabbits have been shown to need companionship of their own kind to have lower stress levels and be happier. Join us on this free National Pet Month 2015 live online presentation to learn how to find your rabbit a furry companion. Bonding rabbits can be a complex process and during this presentation rabbit expert Molly Varga will take you through this step-by-step highlighting common mistakes that you should avoid.

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Chronic coughing in dogs

Chronic Coughing in Dogs

Some coughing in dogs is normal, especially as they may sniff 4 - 6 times per second. But what if your dog coughs a lot, or doesn't seem to be able to stop coughing?

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Common conditions in tortoises and turtles

Common Clinical Conditions in Tortoises & Turtles

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Helping a nervous dog

Scaredy cat! How to deal with the nervous dog

There is much that proper puppy socialisation can do to prevent a dog becoming a fearful adult, however sometimes it still happens. Join us on this free live online presentation as part of National Pet Month 2015 to learn why a dog may be fearful, how to recognise it and how you can work with the dog to reduce this fear.

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