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Reptile Webinars

Reptiles are a very special pet with a wide range of different species and very different care requirements. Our reptile webinars all have the goal of helping you to avoid common reptile problems that are seen by reptile vets.
All our live reptile webinars are free to join, and you have the opportunity to ask question from our expert reptile vets. Don't worry though as if you miss a live webinar, or want to watch it again, all our reptile webinars are achived here for you to watch again and again.

Common conditions in central bearded dragons

Common Conditions in Central Bearded Dragons

There is no doubt that reptiles are becoming increasingly popular as pets … and with good reason! The variation in species available, their small size, their relative ease of maintenance and the fact that they have a “cool” factor make them an attractive proposition to someone looking to take on a pet with a bit of a difference.

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Pets and antibiotics

Pets and Antibiotics

Before antibiotics were discovered, people and animals died from very simple infections that are easily cured today…


Now there is a problem, bacteria is evolving and antibiotics are starting to fail…

The good news is that you can help stop this happening….

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Common conditions in tortoises and turtles

Common Clinical Conditions in Tortoises & Turtles

Tortoises and turtles are a common pet, yet often they suffer from medical problems caused by incorrect care. Join reptile vet Sean McCormack as he discusses the common problems that he see’s including rubber shell and how as owners you can prevent these happening. This free online presentation is part of our National Pet Month…

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What to expect from your vet

What to expect from your veterinary practice

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) is the regulator of the veterinary profession and so sets the professional and educational standards of all veterinary surgeons and registered veterinary nurses. Here Dr Bradley Viner, a small animal practitioner and Vice-President of the RCVS, and Kathy Kissick, a registered veterinary nurse and the chair of VN Council, will discuss what animal owners should expect from their practice.

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Parasites in reptiles

Parasites in Reptiles – Virtual Pet Congress 2015

Join reptile vet Sean McCormack to learn about all the common parasites that may affect your pet reptile whether it is a snake, lizard or tortoise/turtle. Parasitic infections are common in captive-bred reptiles, and are one of the main reasons for isolating any new reptile you are bringing into your collection.

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Common problems in reptile eyes

Eye problems in reptiles – Virtual Pet Congress 2015

Reptiles tend to be really special when it comes to finding good quality information, and something we could not find was good information on reptile eyes. Because of this we have invited world expert veterinary ophthalmologist David Williams to give us a special webinar just on eyes in reptiles.

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Lizard Nutrition and Husbandry

This webinar seeks to dispel the many myths and mistakes commonly encountered on the topic of keeping pet lizards.

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Blue Cross Pet Webinar

The Blue Cross Pet Bereavement Support Service, help when losing a pet

Pets are now part of the family more than ever before, and can be a persons best friend. Sadly with us having the longer lifespan we often see our furry friends pass on.

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Common problems in pet reptiles

Common Clinical Problems in Reptiles

In this webinar Sean will run through the top 5 clinical problems he encounters when working as a reptile vet. Signs of health and disease will be explored to equip the pet reptile keeper with better knowledge and allow them to know when to seek veterinary advice.

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Keeping reptiles as pets - what every owner should know

Reptile Housing and Husbandry

The importance of appropriate housing when keeping pet reptiles cannot be underestimated in terms of maintaining good health and vitality. Understanding housing design according to each species exact requirements is vital to successfully replicate conditions in the wild. In this webinar, Sean will explore the importance of housing design and advise on the best heating, lighting and other equipment necessary to keep pet reptiles.

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Keeping reptiles as pets - what every owner should know

Keeping Reptiles as a Pets – What every owner should know

Join us for our first ever free reptile webinar for what we know will be a fascinating and exciting presentation by Sean McCormack. Sean will discuss common problems that owners encounter when getting reptiles as pets from housing and nutrition through to just why reptiles need special lighting!

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